Akintunde Hareef Akerele

Coordinator, Development and Collaborations

Akintunde Hareef AKERELE holds an Ordinary National Diploma in Computer Science from Yaba College of Technology. He graduated from University of Lagos with a Bachelor Degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering and also completed 114 of 120 credit at the University of Stuttgart, Germany in pursuit of Master degree in Geomatics Engineering.

Aside his Engineering background, he is a humanitarian. He is one of the founder of a hunger eradicating organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria; FoodClique Support Initiative. He provided the leadership vision for the organisation’s objectives from the short to the long term. The vision has sown seeds of grants, international and local partnerships. He is a writer with numerous publications in print and online platforms.

His astute presentation skills have afforded him the opportunity of presenting both scientific and non-scientific papers across different continents. He has attended youth Dialogue in Italy on two occasions at the University of Trieste were he presented papers on communication ethics and also topic on press. He also presented a paper at the ESRI conference at the University of Toronto on the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) at solving socio-economic issues like hunger and health challenges. He has incubated some FinTech companies in Nigeria with his entrepreneurial skills.