Who We Are

The Harvest Of Talents Foundation (THOTF)  is a foundation that provides a strong and stable enviroment for people to discover, develop, grow and maximize their talents

Mission, Vision & Goal

Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for vulnerable youths through mentorship, career development, and economic empowerment while also promoting world peace through respect for diversities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to harvest the talented who will inspire others to greatness and create more respect for diversities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build leaders for the positive change we desire

Our commitment

  1. To create a future for economically disadvantaged and underserved youths; through the discovery and harnessing of their talents
  2. To create awareness about early career paths through the dissemination of educational information
  3. To create public awareness on gender equality and the rights of the girl child.
  4. To provide volunteering services and donations to communities
  5. To support government and collaborate with other non-profit/for-profit organizations to empower, mentor, and promote youth education
  6. To create a non-partisan platform to promote ethnic diversity and patriotism
  7. To create a vessel for youth and family support through individual, corporate, and government partnership
  8. To partner with the educational and vocational organisations that enable our youths to develop career and leadership skills.
Our Mode of Operation​

To establish a national consciousness on diversity

The broader objective of THOTF is to establish a national consciousness on diversity in Nigeria. With this acknowledgment many of the other challenges facing our nation can be resolved. Our mode of operation will be extensively collaborative. This will involve the following:

  1. Partnership of THOTF management with other NGOs of similar interest to carry out our core projects.
  2. Collaboration with individuals/corporate organizations to train and mentor our mentees. They will also be approached in the area of funding.
  3. Partnership with local, regional, and national government to seek grants and support in policy formulation in areas that are relevant to our core projects.
  4. Liaising with communities that need our programs to seek modalities of helping them.