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Women and Child Rights Advocacy

This program involves collaborating with government and other organizations to promote women empowerment, female reproductive rights, gender equality, and girl child education. We will also educate the public on the need for the emancipation of women and the impact on society at large.

Back to School Support

Aid/Support from our partners and funders are distributed to help the less privileged.

Entrepreneurial Skill Acquisition

Mentees and students are supported with training from partner organizations. They are supported in the acquisition of training in fashion, photography, computer applications, and other hands-on skills that can make them self-sufficient. Start-up loans will also be provided to them through the support of our partners and donors. They will be mentored by seasoned professionals.

Emerging Leadership Program

This program is geared towards mentoring teens and young adults to become leaders within their communities. They are trained to be change makers that proffer innovative solutions to challenges within their communities.

Board of Trustees in Nigeria

Executive Director
General Secretary
Director of Developments and Collaborations
Programs and Social Engagement Coordinator
Coordinator, Development and Collaborations
Director Of Grants And Business Development
Director of Acqusition And Asset Management
Director of Information Management
Social Media Coordinator
Director of Programs and Social engagements
Director of Finance