Amirah John

Amirah John, a native of the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago and now New York City resident, holds two degrees in Communication Design and Graphics Arts from the CUNY New York City College of Technology. With almost 10 years of experience working for the second largest entertainment group in the world, Merlin Entertainments Limited, that experience gave invaluable insight into effectively communicating with all age groups, backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. The company is second to Disney globally and number one in Europe. In numerous roles throughout her years there, from Operations and Guest Experiences to Marketing and Trade Sales, she was given the opportunity to work with many local and international schools and youth groups conducting large educational or marketing and sales seminars. She also specialized in trade client sales and relations, curating events, and building partnerships with a focus on the New York City/Tri-state area partners, Asian and Spanish markets as well as managing accounts in the UK and other parts of Europe. She is also one of the ambassadors for the company’s global children’s charity, Merlin’s Magic Wand.


Before that she spent many years as a tutor, mentor and substitute art teach to children of various age groups. She also volunteers her time and/or graphic design skills working with numerous local charities, soup kitchens and charitable fundraisers. Fun facts: With her love of writing, movies, and music, she was the Editor in Chief of her High School newspaper. She was promoted after starting out writing movie, music, and new artist reviews as well as articles on pressing school issues and even poetry. She eventually went on, for two years, writing, interviewing, and designing for a new up and coming entertainment magazine before becoming the Vice President. With a passion for children, charity work, design, and the arts, she is always excited to help others discover, develop and nurture their own natural, unique talents. She wants to help as many people as possible be empowered as they find their gifts they were meant to share with the world. One of her favorite quotes is “No one is you and THAT is your power.”