Ayodele Oluwatobi

Programs and Social Engagement Coordinator

Ayodele Oluwatobi works at Techparlons, an organization that helps Africa’s most innovative technology start-ups grow exponentially. He also serves as a strategist/coordinator volunteer for NMUN-AFRICA, an initiative that contributes to inspire young people to be tolerant and broad-minded, use diplomatic skills against any conflict and develop critical thinking skills and creativity; an organization where he led the team to organize the 4th session of Africa Model United Nations conference.

He is an active youth leader with expertise and passion in youth engagement, business development, and nonprofit management. He has advocated for progressive youth-led policies at several diplomatic and international forums and has contributed to empowerment initiatives through youth-led nonprofits like the Junior Chamber International (JCI), an organization that aims to create development opportunities that empower young people to create sustainable positive change in the society; where he led his local organization to be the most outstanding local organization in Nigeria.

Oluwatobi, an adventurous African man with a scientific brain and artistic mind who enjoys networking, orating, and appreciating cross-cultural diversity. He has attended different leadership, managerial and entrepreneurship training.

He has a penchant for challenging the status quo and making innovations. He challenges youth to proffer solutions on varying societal issues.

Oluwatobi is a graduate of Biomedical Laboratory Science with a minor in Virology from the University of Ibadan. He is an associate member of the Association of Medical laboratory scientists of Nigeria and a global health enthusiast.